Management Team

There are three groups responsible for the governance and management of the Mahasukha Kula Retreat Scholarship Fund.

I) The Mahasukha Kula Retreat Scholarship Fund is governed by the Middle Way LA Board of Directors, which holds the final decision making authority and oversight responsibility for administration of the scholarship fund.

II) The Mahasukha Kula Retreat Scholarship Fund Administrator is responsible for the day-to-day management, coordination, and implementation of the scholarship program. The administrator is accountable to the Middle Way LA board of directors for ensuring the scholarship program is managed in accordance with its mission.

III)The Mahasukha Kula Retreat Scholarship Fund Committee, comprised of three individuals nominated by Lama Marut and approved by Middle Way LA board of directors, manages the process of reviewing scholarship applications and awarding scholarships to recipients for the four intake periods per year. This is a formal review and decision making process based on the guidelines and criteria outlined on the Guidelines page.